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TRI-TRAY'S History

      SERIES 1000
      First TRI-Tray designed to freeze whole over-wrapped turkeys at a feed rate of 12,000 lbs/hr.
      System installed in 1971 and still operational today.

      SERIES 2000
      Major innovation introduced allowing horizontal space to be changed when moving transports
      (tray carriers)into and out of vertical elevators. Results were significant increases in system reliability .
      Systems installed to freeze pies. non-dairy coffee creamer, ice cream novelties and more.

      SERIES 3000
      First TRI-Tray to utilize a special fan coil system standard on modern TRI-Tray. Unique pressure zone
      design increases air flow over all products by up to 100% while reducing fan BHP load by 50%.
      System operated by programmable controller(PLC).

      SERIES 4000
      Introduced the patented FUSION CELL, which further increased cooling, freezing and hardening
      capability of the TRI-Tray. Hollow aluminum cells are filled with a eutectic solution allowing system to
      operate at level, instead of peak loads during production periods. The FUSION CELL is proven to provide
      most rapid cooling method with lowest operating cost of all convection designs.

      SERIES 5000
      Introduced multiple row loading on trays further increasing production and cooling efficiency. New
      transport roller greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

      SERIES 6000
      Development and production of a completely redesigned TRI-Tray. Every component upgraded in
      design to reduce major lubrication levels to 5.0 year cycles. Life expectancy of major system
      components now 25+ years. System reliability and product shrinkage through system reach near
      perfection level. New systems have multiple retention time abilities with product feed rates exceeding
      50,000 lbs/hr.

      SERIES 7000
      Redesign of air system enhances even air distribution over the product using Laminar Air Flow patterns
      and significantly reduces already low energy requirements, making the TRI-Tray the only "Green" system
      available for cooling, hardening and freezing process. Redesigned Transport wheels and Rails reduce
      towing load and wheel wear and enhance air flow. New Allen-Bradley RS 5000 Logix
      programming and color Video monitoring of Loader/Unioader portion of system is standard equipment.


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