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A Bulk Receiver offers a Food and Dairy facility a method of installing a sanitary bulk receiving station as an equipment addition rather than the traditional method of adding a high cost building and adding floor supported tanker access platforms.

FreesTech offers the unique approach of a pre-engineered and prefabricated equipment system which is shipped to the client’s site and assembled as a machine, on a specially designed concrete pad.

All vertical and horizontal supports are fabricated using square and rectangular shapes eliminating horizontal surfaces for dirt or birds to perch upon resulting in a sanitary environment for the receiving and cleaning process. Top mounted tanker access platforms allow clear use of  the floor area.  Additionally, most clients apply equipment depreciation schedules of 5-7 years instead of 33-39 year building schedules.

Bulk Receiver shown can service two tankers simultaneously. Note the lack of floor supports in the center commonly found in conventional Receiving Building construction.

Tanker access platform in UP position

Tanker access platform in Down position

Bulk Receiving
Kleen-Line Conveyor
TRI-Tray System
TRI-Stacker System
SORS System

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