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TRI-Stacker Series 5000 An Alternative Solution to Pallet Storage and Retrieval

Six Reasons why TRI-Stacker is the Best Business Choice

1.The sensible alternative to lift trucks. Protect your product, storage system and building with a dedicated aisle machine. TRI-Stackers are single rail floor supported and top rail guided for smooth precise operation.

2. Increase warehouse through put speed and profits. TRI-Stackers can handle (2) pallets simultaneously, with or without an operator to storage heights of 60-0.

3. TRI-Stacker picks up and stores pallets with a precisely operated Gear Rack and Pinion driven indexing table which is controlled via an encoder mounted within the table. Tables can be supplied for single, double or triple deep storage configurations and are direct driven by an electro-mechanical gear motor drive.

4. TRI-Stackers are capable of giving years of service, evidenced by the system shown below, which has been in service for over a quarter of a century. Note how the storage rack remains in its original condition further evidence how TRI-Stacker can keep producing profits for decades in the future.

5. TRI-Stacker utilizes the equipment vs. building depreciation schedules. Other advantages are less expensive floor area and increased energy savings from less roof area.

6. End expensive fork lift truck battery replacements and endless recharge cycles. TRI-Stacker is direct powered by a power located along the top guide rail of the system. Power rail powers the four electric motors of the TRI-Stacker.

For more reasons why the TRI-Stacker is the best Business Decision for your Company contact info@freestech.com

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